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3-11-07 - The Sound and the Fury.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Sound and the Fury....

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3-11-07 [Mar. 22nd, 2007|08:52 am]
The Sound and the Fury....
Weekly Report
Mining Expedition 23472
Entry One
Tholric of the Iron Fortress

Day 1
Upon reaching these untapped mountains, we noticed several other groups just arriving.  To the south there is a contingent of wild elves, this is of prime concern, due to there position in the vital forestland on our southern reaches.  To the east seems to be a  marauding band of ogre mercenaries, for the time being we will let them be.  To the west near the old Elven City of Tauranroc a rather small demonic presence is afoot.  We will be keeping a special eye on these abominations.

Day 2
Due to the importance of the forestland to our south.  We have decided to drive the elves out.  They will never allow us free range to harvest the required timbers, so they must be removed.

Day 3
We have arrived at the Elven stronghold to find it empty.  This is a rather odd occurance.  Perhaps it is a trap.  Best to leave this to the mercenaries.  We will be leaving a small contingent of Dwarf Warriors to bolster the humans.  Hopefully this will lessen the exposure our main force will brunt while we are away from our main base.

Day 4
On our way back to the Stronghold we recieved very good, as well as some grave news.  The mercenary company was money well spent, they managed to hold off the elves long enough for them to lose heart and flee the forest.  Soon after runners from the main Stronghold brought news that the ogres had brashly invaded our fortress.  This is Dire news indeed.