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The Sound and the Fury....

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[Apr. 8th, 2007|12:04 am]
The Sound and the Fury....


"Heathens, heretics, brigands, cutthroats, marauders, mutants, skaven, mercenaries... that's all there is here," muttered Johan von Goebels. Johan was a young man, the youngest to earn captaincy in his highly-decorated military family.

"Aye, Johan, that's why we're here." Riding beside Johan was Fritz Thaldhum, a massive bull of a man. The sigil-encrusted warhammer he hefted with ease would not have looked out of place in the hands of an ogre. But for all his physical impressiveness, Fritz was a man of the cloth, a devout priest of Sigmar.

"That's part of why we're here, and you know it." Johan cast his gaze out to the westward horizon. The sky was a featureless grey, and the heath rolled ungently, broken with jags of rock and gnarled clusters of trees. Behind him and before him, men marched.

"Which 'we' do you mean?" Fritz asked with a chuckle. "Not you and I. We know why we're here. You're here because the Prince says so. I'm here to do the work of Blessed Sigmar."

"I mean there is no real reason for an Imperial force to even bother with the Border Princes. The Empire has enough trouble without looking for it in some gods-forsaken wasteland. No, we're here because the Prince knows that when his father dies, he's got no chance of inheriting much more than a spit of land and a rustly pistol. He says we're here to bring the Pax Imperialis to these heathens, and to root out the orcs and beasts, but the truth is that we're here to make a new Border Prince of our lord."

Fritz nodded. There was truth in Johan's words, but he felt that the young captain's resentment was unwarranted. "You fear being stuck in service far from the home you've known."

Johan shrugged uncomfortably. Doubting one's commander and questioning orders were not prized qualities among Imperial soldiery.

"You'll learn to live with it. Lord Magnus has gathered quite a host, and has many wealthy underwriters funding this expedition. You're young, and this will be more adventure than most men will ever see. We're not leaving the Empire behind, we're bringing her with us."

There was verity in Fritz's words. The throng of humanity was impressive. Along with the many, many soldiers were engineers, scouts, skilled laborers, and draft animals. Lord Magnus Leopold Haundraus von Liepzig clearly intended to make himself quite comfortable in the Border Princes. Carts containing raw building materials and tools made that undeniably clear.

Johan sighed to himself as they crested a rise. A suitable-looking piece of land spread out below, and he noted excellent visibility of the surrounding area from his vantage. With a few quick words, he deployed his hunters to determine the area's potential for establishing a base camp.

"There are bound to be locals, Fritz. Did we bring any diplomats?"

"Of course we brought diplomats," laughed Fritz. He pointed with his warhammer back up the baggage train, in the direction of the greatcannons. Johan couldn't help but smirk.