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Standing atop Tor Anrok, Malari frowned behind his… - The Sound and the Fury.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Sound and the Fury....

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[Apr. 7th, 2007|08:01 am]
The Sound and the Fury....
Standing atop Tor Anrok, Malari frowned behind his battlemask.  The dwarven armor is thick enough to repel most attacks.  He thought to himself, reaching up to run a clawed hand over his scarred and bald head.  Turning his head to take in his apprentice Malari murmured something in Norsican to him.  A long birdlike screech signalled the pupil's laughter.  "Yes lord.  That will scythe through the halfers like a blade through child's-flesh."  A quick nod and the apprentice disappeared in a flash of light.

Malari continued to contemplate the recent losses to the dwarves, replaying each battle in his mind over and over.  "All things change.  So will the dwarven victories."  He murmured to himself, his alter-egos speaking in turn within his mind's eye.  "I agree, seek them out and we will crush the dwarven cannons where they stand.  Gather to me those daemons that make the sky their home, we will hunt the war-machines and end them, ending the dwarven support and supply lines, scattering them before us."