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3-18-07 - The Sound and the Fury.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Sound and the Fury....

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3-18-07 [Mar. 22nd, 2007|01:43 pm]
The Sound and the Fury....
Weekly Report
Mining Expedition 23472
Entry 2
Tholrim of the Iron Fortress

Day 1
We have made great haste to our besieged Stronghold, the rangers have been sent out ahead of the main body to size up the defenders.  It looks like they have made decent use of our fortifications.   However, this shouldn't prove to daunting of a task.  I'm sure this is just postering to force us into some sort of agreement with these ogres. 

Day 2
The battle has gone very well,  the rangers were able to take a strategic watch tower, and from this vantage point rain quarrels down upon the unprotected flanks of the ogres.  All the while the thunderers softened up the charging bulls carrying cannons.  The rest of the battle was a knock down dragout slug fest with the brutes, luckily we managed to run off there leader and retake the fort.

Day 3
I have just recieved word that the forward mining expedition has run into and dispatched a group of crazed demons.  They send word that every foe was defeated.  Although the runesmith described a strange disturbance in the ley energies just before the captain of the Chaos Knights was destroyed.  We may be seing this one again.

Day 4
Apparently when confronted with our superior military tactics and firepower, the ogres decided it best to come to an agreement with us.  They sent an envoy with an alliance preposition stating, that for right of way along the road, they would agree to stay on there side of the river, as long as we do not cross it.  This sounds agreeable, since this will allow us to control the entirety of the these central mountains.

Day 5
We have moved into the Western Road, to our surprise we found a camp of those same damned demons.  This is no good.  They must be pushed back from this road.